Maintenance Contracts

Hardware and Software Maintenance Contracts

Even the best kept system will eventually need service, support and updates.
Why not protect yourself by limiting your exposure to unexpected hardware repair, software support and update costs?

Consider this; you operate in a dynamic industry that presents many challenges such as keeping up with changing security needs and credit card security risk. This requires your system is up to date with the latest security patches and upgrades. After all, your system contains sensitive financial data of not only your business, but also your customer. Protecting confidential data and your system requires periodic updates, upgrades and service. Because of this, you are almost guaranteed to need some sort of service or support.

Now imagine if you could save up to 40% on costs associated with software update labor, support and repairs.  A maintenance contract provides you with just that. You could use these savings to promote your business and engage your customers possibly increasing profits.

Purchase a maintenance contract today to protect your investment and possibly save thousands over the life of your system!
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Benefits of a maintenance contract:

– Protection from unexpected service and support costs

– Service and Support savings up to 40%!

– Hardware expense control means you can better budget your service costs.

– Repair or replacement when you need it.

– Loaner equipment to keep your system running at its peak even during repairs.

– One-Call service center guarantees your support or service request is handled as quickly as possible.

– After hours service gives you access to off-hour service at a greatly reduced rate.

– On-Site service discounts when you need a technician in house.

– Depot service to keep your system running while eliminating the costs associated with the travel and mileage of an on-site call.

– Remote Technician (rTech) is a cloud-based support tool that is like having a in-house technician at the ready 24/7.

– System Monitoring to watch for system errors and proactively solve them before they become problems.

– Discounts on billable labor up to 40%!

– Software upgrade discounts (not available on all software)

– Training Discounts

On-Line Recorded Training for anytime access to training materials for quick refresher courses or training new hires.

– and more…

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