DCR Data Shield – System Security

DCR Data Shield PCI Protection

We are here to help keep you in compliance.

Here at DCR, we believe you deserve more than just a point of sale provider, you need a trusted partner. In keeping with this belief, we offer best-in-class solutions to keep your system and data safe and secure. Our solutions allow you to spend less time worrying about security, and more time running your business.

check You can not take what is not there

Our solution begins with LOC Store Management Suite which does not store cardholder data to help you meet PCI requirements. The best protection against a thief is to have nothing to steal!With our solution, you don’t need to waste money protecting data that is both risky and unnecessary to store.

check Firewall Protection

All of our systems come with a SonicWall to keep your network secure and helps meet PCI requirement # 1.

check System Management and Updates

DCR uses our proprietary remote management solution rTools to securely access and manage your system. With the rTools suite, you will receive 5-star treatment including cloud-based system
support, operating system updates, anti-virus updates, proactive system monitoring and more.

check 24/7 Live Support

DCR Data ShieldWe provide a help desk staffed with a team of specialists to keep you up and running no matter what time of day or night.

checkService Web Portal

Create and monitor service and support tickets online from anywhere you have internet


• 24/7 Help Desk • Sonic Wall firewall standard on all systems • PCI certified POS and payment software-LOC SMS – Does not store cardholder data – End-to-end encryption • rTech – Remote Support– 24/7 Virtual Technicians – Secure two stage verification – Anti-virus software • rManage – Management Services – Automatically keep your OS updated with the latest patches and versions. – Automatically keep your anti-virus updated with the latest patches and versions • rMonitor – Proactive system monitoring – Proactively identify and resolve small issues before they can become large problems – Automated system alerts • PCI Counceling – Best practices – How to satisfy physical PCI requirements – PCI Awareness training