Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) FAQ


Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions concerning Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS).

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”When I click on RMS POS icon nothing happens.” css=”custom-class”] This can happen from time to time if POS is opened and closed regularly on the terminal to access RMS Manager. What happens is POS gets “stuck” in the background. To resolve the issue you have to end the task.

· Press Ctrl Alt Del and select Task Manager

· Click the Applications Tab

· Select Store Operations POS

· Click End Task

POS should close. You may be prompted with another box to End Task or Cancel. Select End Task. You may also see an error report box pop up. If so click Don’t Send. You should now be able to open POS by clicking the icon on the desktop again.

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”I want to beef up our store’s marketing campaigns. Can Microsoft Retail Management System help?” css=”custom-class”]Yes. You can use Microsoft Retail Management to create special promotions such as “Buy one, get one free!” or “Buy two at the regular price and the next two at half off!”

Also, schedule store sales in advance for entire departments, categories, or supplier catalogs for a specified date or time. At the point of sale, you can track each discount given to customers through Reason Codes to gain insight into which sales and promotions are most successful.

Use the data in the Microsoft Retail Management SQL database to build a mail merge in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to create customer mailings and advertisements. Track your customers’ purchase histories to learn their buying habits and to deliver personalized service that will keep them coming back for more.

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[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”My Credit Cards are not working! What should I do?” css=”custom-class”]In most cases when credit cards are not going through, it is your internet connection. The first thing you should check is whether or not your internet is working. If your internet is down you will not be able to process cards through the system unless you obtain a voice authorization from your processor. This is very time consuming and if you have a lot of customers waiting to check out. Chances are they will not wait. Contact us to find out more about much faster “backup” alternatives if your internet goes down.

If your internet is working and the credit cards still aren’t going through then there may be an issue with the processing network. If you contact your credit card provider they typically can tell you if they are having issues on their end.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”My Cash Drawer will not open.” css=”custom-class”]If your cash drawer will not open check your printer. The cash drawer connects to the printer. Chances are the printer is low on paper, turned off or has an error light. Make sure the printer is powered on and has plenty of paper. Do a print test on the printer to ensure it is functioning. Follow the steps below to do a print test.

· Turn the printer off

· Hold the Feed button on the printer

· While holding the Feed button, turn the printer back on

· Release the feed button and then press and release the feed button again

· Turn the printer off and back on without pressing the feed button

· Close RMS POS and open it back up

The print test should have produced 2 receipts with information printed on them. This will clear the buffer and reset the printer. After you close and open POS the printer and drawer should start working.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”My register is in OFFLINE Mode. What is this and why did this happen?” css=”custom-class”]If you register is in offline mode then is cannot connect to the database. This can be caused by a network issue or the computer that has the main database is not functioning correctly.

Each register has its own database that contains just enough information to make sales. This database will allow you to sell products and take credit cards (providing your internet is working). You will not be able to access manager or make any changes to items. You also will not be able to z the register out until it is back online. Once it is back online, it will synchronize the sales you did while you were offline to the main database.[/toggle]

[toggle heading=”h5″ title=”My register is back online but my sales are gone!” css=”custom-class”]If your register drops offline and then comes back online you will typically not see the sales you did prior to going offline. Don’t worry, your sales are still there. When this happens, the batch you were working out of automatically does a “Blind Close”. When you Z out it will only contain the sales after the register first dropped offline. To get the rest of your totals just follow the steps below.

· Open RMS Manager

· Click on Journal at the top

· Click on Update Batch Info

· Click OK on the report filter (no filter will be needed)

· Find the batch with the Status of Blind Close (the opening/closing times will help determine the correct one)

· Double Click the Batch Number located on the far left

· Select Generate Z Report

You should now have the rest of the totals for that register for the day. I would suggest opening Manager on one of the POS registers so you will get a printout on the receipt printer.[/toggle]