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POSitouch and Kudzu Interactive have partnered to make online ordering available to restaurants, of all types and sizes, that is quick, easy and completely integrated.
Seamless Integration
Payment Integration
Configuration Flexibility and Scalability
Customer Relationship Management: Email and Text Marketing
Group Ordering
Cell-Phone Re-ordering
Call-Center Application
Seamless Integration
Kudzu Interactive’s Total Access Solution (TAS) provides a professionally hosted web-based
ordering solution to support takeout, curbside, delivery, and catering orders that seamlessly
integrates with your web-site and POSitouch system:
* TAS provides clean, easy-to-use guest interfaces featuring menu displays, item descriptions, and automated suggestive selling based on order patterns and selections.
* TAS is designed to optimize the remote ordering processes by giving customers the ability to view order history for re-order, place advanced orders, and place catering and group orders.
* TAS enables guests accessing your website to move seamlessly onto the TAS order pages that are customized with a look and feel that strengthen your brand’s presence.
* TAS provides real-time integration with your restaurant point of sale systems for menu and pricing, future orders, and daily specials which minimizes administration and maintenance requirements.

* Easy-to-use
* Seamless integration
* Works with POSitouch

Payment Integration
TAS seamlessly and securely handles credit card transactions internally through your POS
system or externally through all of the major merchant processing sites. Kudzu Interactive is
certified as a Level 1 PCI Compliant Gateway and currently processing through:
* Abanco
* Apriva
* Bank of America (BAMS)
* Chockstone
* ConcordEFS
* Fifth Third Bank
* First Data North (YourPay)
* Paymentech
TAS also handles gift card transactions, including split payments putting any remaining balance
on a credit card. TAS is certified with the following gift card providers:
* Givex
* Chockstone
* Secure credit card and gift transactions
Configuration Flexibility and Scalability
TAS’s Site Wizard and Management console supports an unlimited number of locations, allows
each location to be set-up according to local requirements, and provides centralized and
de-centralized access and controls to settings and reporting.
* Prices
* Taxes
* Promos
* Store hours
* Unique menu items
* Prep Time / Delivery Overhead
* Location/Delivery
* Central & Distributed Reporting
* By Site, By Groups, By Corporate
* Menus linked to each restaurant
* Prices, Taxes, Store Hours, Local Items
* Pick-up module configured by each store location
* Pick-up option based on pre-defined parameters
* Lead-times configured by location
* Prep-times based on type and number of items and POS volume
* Delivery set-up
* Unlimited configuration options to suit your business
Customer Relationship Management: Email and Text Marketing
TAS employs a universal database that unifies customer identification and order history across ordering channels. This enables you to effectively manage your marketing program by capturing important customer data (order detail and preferences, email address, home address, and phone number). This allows for real-time, highly targeted, transaction based e-mail marketing. Customers can also request special offers to be received via cell phone or reorder a previous meal.
* Capture and manage customer data
* Supports marketing campaigns
Group Ordering
TAS’s Group Ordering functionality simplifies the process of ordering for large groups by saving
the host the time of soliciting and collecting orders on hard copy menus and then calling the
restaurant to place the order.
* TAS’s Group Order function allows any individual responsible for coordinating large meal orders (e.g. pharmaceutical representatives, administrative assistants, etc.) to effectively and efficiently organize ordering from their desktop by using an email invitation system.
* Invitees click a link on the invitation email that takes them directly to the restaurant’s online ordering site to place their order.
* The order is then placed and tracked as part of the Group Order and a notification is sent back to the host.
* The host is able to view pending orders and track who has and has not placed their order.
* The host is able to buy for everyone and set order amount limitations or have everyone buy on their own.

* Simplified group ordering function saves both the server and customer time

Cell-Phone Re-ordering
TAS’s cell-phone reordering function allows customers to save their “favorites” and reorder with
the click of a button.
* One-touch re-ordering
Call-Center Application
TAS’s Call-Center application provides an integrated call center solution for taking customer
orders by phone that will enhance your brand’s image, improve phone order accuracy, and help
you realize the full potential of your customer interactions. The application includes:
* An intuitive graphic user interface that prompts agents to follow scripts and business rules you develop that enhance your brand and increase average order size.
* Ability to recognize returning guests and local restaurant locations based on originating phone number
* A unified database that allows agents to view all previous web-based ordering history through TAS.
* Recognize returning customers
* Order history database
TAS’s Catering module provides an effective tool for managing your catering function in order to
gain knowledge of your cateringcustomers needs, wants, and buying patterns. The Catering
module tracks all ordering history at multiple levels (relationship or company level,
representative-level (host), and recipient level enabling you to effectively place orders, manage
orders, gather sales intelligence, and conduct effective marketing programs.
* Catering module tracks order history and recipient level
TAS’s reporting capabilities provide management with a powerful tool for analyzing performance.
TAS draws in and unifies information from all locations to present managers with centralized,
online access to comprehensive data related to their web-based ordering activities. The tool
provides easy user navigation and management information reporting capabilities such as:
* An intuitive graphic user interface
* Standard reports to simplify information gathering
* Customizable reports to suit unique needs
* Standard and customized reporting
TAS’s delivery features provide you the ability to easily configure delivery options at the store
level that support your delivery program. Delivery options can be configured based on the
availability of delivery, order amount thresholds, distance, and geographic considerations.

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