Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever before – from speedy checkout to online purchases, they want fast service and increased flexibility. To maintain their loyalty, industry leaders have developed technology that can greatly expand the customer experience without breaking the bank.

The excitement begins in:








Attend this FREE event hosted by DCR, Toshiba, and LOC Software

  • Walk through St. Louis Cemetery #1, the site of the classic movie Easy Rider, as your professional licensed guide recounts the background of the famous and infamous people who are buried there.

  • Make a wish or cast a spell at the tomb of Marie Laveau – the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans – and discover how she was able to be in two places at once. Listen to the evolution of Voodoo – which is still practiced today – and learn how it became such a factor in the Crescent City.

  • Learn about our unique above ground burial customs and the tombs of various “societies” in this historic cemetery that first opened in 1789. 

You’ll walk away with not only a great experience and souvenir “Gris-Gris” bag but, also tips on how to:


Drive customer retention and increase basket size


Discover factors that are rapidly shaping the grocery industry and how to thrive


Effectively build a customer database for targeted promotions and marketing


Draw in additional revenue from high-profit centers in your business

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Leveraging Loyalty: Driving Profitability in the Grocery Market