Purchasing and Inventory

Check what’s coming in and your
profit will stay in your pocket
Controlling goods coming from the back door is a primary
requirement in today’s retail market. When dealing with low
margins, you need accurate costs and inventory values to make
smarter buying decisions. LOC Store Management Suite gives
you all the tools you need to streamline the process.
Take advantage of vendor deals and sell your products with a
reasonable markup, while reducing the risk of errors to a
minimum. To help you maintain an accurate inventory, LOC-SMS
lets you count your inventory in different ways or manually adjust
your inventory. You can do your own inventory count with an RF
unit, import an inventory coming from a third party company that
will count your inventory overnight, or manually adjust your
inventory. Buying is a critical task and needs to be taken seriously.
With LOC Store Management Suite, your success is guaranteed.
Overstocking goods will also affect your margin drastically.
This is why retailers work with smarter tools when it comes time
to purchase. We have designed purchasing screens to provide the
user with all the necessary information related to this task. View
inventory on hand, inventory committed to customer, accurate cost
with all the allowance and rebates offered by the vendor, and
purchasing history right at your finger tips. LOC Store
Management Suite also provides the full history on weekly buying,
selling, inventory adjustment and inventory count for a period of
12 weeks. Going back to previous periods is also available anytime.
We understand that products go through a selling cycle that you
need to consider in your buying decisions. When products are
supplied by multiple suppliers, it is critical to know what the best
price from all your suppliers is and make a decision accordingly. A
flag indicates which item has multiple vendors and displays all the
cost information from each supplier.
When it comes time to purchase items, your orders are based on
different criteria. Set a minimum and a maximum inventory value
for any item and have the system suggest the quantity.
We’ve been listening to experienced
buyers to design a variety of
reordering possibilities.
Here are a few examples:
• Minimum inventory suggests a list of items for which the
current quantity in inventory is under the minimum quantity
specified for these items.
• Back to maximum suggests a list of items for which the current
quantity in inventory is under the maximum quantity specified
for these items (bringing back to the maximum quantity
• Enough to cover sale order shorts suggests a list of items that
you have to buy to cover your sale orders shorts.
• Since last order suggests a list of items based on the items sold
to customers since the last purchase order.
• Based on sales suggests a list of items that have been sold
within a specified period.
• Based on purchasing suggests a list of items based on previous
purchases performed within a specified period. For example, this
can be used to repeat previous purchases of the week.
• Based on forecast suggests a list of items that you have to buy
to cover the forecasts you entered in the system.
• Minimum vendor order suggests a list of items based on the
sales/purchases to reach the minimum vendor’s requirements.
The vendor requirements may be defined in quantity (cases),
weight or cost.
Integrated Solution for Smart Retailers
Portable data units are widely used in retail stores because they
allow you to save time and improve productivity. Our RF portable
unit provides complete access to your database so you can verify
or change a price, receive stock, update information, enter orders,
and even print labels. The portable units used with the LOC Store
Management Suite software gives you access to every function of
our software. Being mobile in your store for executing your daily
tasks is our priority.
• Direct item maintenance
• Price maintenance
• Shelf location maintenance
• Label printing
• Purchase order entry
• Receiving verification
• DSD receiving
• Inventory count
• Inventory adjustment
• Transfer of items between stores
• Ability to switch from RF to PC screen without
losing the current transaction
Inventory management is a major concern for companies. This
issue has been explored based on our experience working with
retailers. Taking inventory count is not easy but essential in a
control environment. From importing a file from a third party
inventory count company or doing your own inventory with an RF
unit, LOC Store Management Suite provides you with every option.
Our inventory screen helps you adjust and/or count inventory with
a real picture on the effect of this adjustment on your inventory
value at cost and retail. Timing is not a concern anymore, enter
your inventory at your convenience and change the date of your
inventory, LOC-SMS recalculates your inventory up to the minute.
• Inventory count and/or adjustment
• Variance on cost and retail calculation
• Reason code for adjustment
• Transfer of items between stores
• Multiple searching capabilities
• Suspension and retrieval of inventory count or adjustment
Billing is no longer a headache; simply match your supplier invoice
with the information entered at the purchasing stage. Don’t miss
any allowance, rebate or discount; this is where your profit is.
Bill back is also recorded so you can print a Debit note directly
from LOC-SMS and mail it to your supplier.
• Direct store delivery
• Expected delivery
• Item report for open Purchase Order
• Vendor’s access controlled by buyer
• Shipping via vendor if different from supplier
• Global discount as well as item discount
• Configurable back order life by vendor and item
• Multiple searching options for items
• Real time analysis of sales, receiving, adjustment
and inventory while ordering
• Average of last 4 to 10 weeks sales on screen
• Purchasing history
• Best deal availability on screen
• Order by case, unit or weight
• Allowance, discount and rebate off/on invoice (% or $)
• Generation of retail or sales prices based on discount
• Comment by item available
• Ability to keep track by user (ordering, receiving and billing)
for every document
• Quick list of open documents
• Auto generate of Purchase Orders from the Sale Orders
• Receiving from the list of Purchase Orders
• Receiving from the list of backorder items
• Ability to maintain item from receiving screen
• 4 different bill backs
• Export capability to a payable software
• HTML editor to edit receiving/inventory information on screen
• Document transfer between stores or between Head Office and stores
• Document export available in different formats including XML
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