Frequent Shopper Functions

The frequent shopper functions provided with the LOC Store Management Suite software are key tools to keep customers coming back to your store.
All customer benefits are programmable by shopper level (bronze,
gold, platinum, etc). Mixing points with promotions is a trend that
many retailers are following. LOC Store Management Suite gives
and redeems points directly from your point of sale. The shopper
level is a concept we have designed to provide unlimited shopper
levels so you can target a specific group of customers for a special
promotion. Although it takes more maintenance, offering
incentives to your customers will increase your shopper’s fidelity.
You can also decide to give promotional prices for a specific period
during the week. Let’s say that Wednesday morning is slow, why
don’t you give a 5% discount from 8:00 thru 10:00 am every
Wednesday to all your customers or only to frequent shoppers.
This will surely create a certain movement.
Managing points and redeeming these points directly from your
point of sale is a necessity in today’s retail market. You can give
points based on the total purchase or only target certain items.
The point balance will always be available for the customers either
on screen and/or on the receipt. Redeeming points could also be
for the total order by deciding the value of every point or simply
giving a reduction on a particular item. Free items from a catalog
are also a big request. You can advertise your catalog directly from
the customer display using LOC Store Management Suite’s
electronic advertising and kiosk.
The LOC Store Management Suite database contains valuable
information on your customers. The Customer Database has been
designed to provide you with all the flexibility options you need to
serve your customers efficiently. Your customer database can be
used for multiple management purposes: Accounts Receivable,
Check Validation, and Loyalty Programs. Every customer visit is
recorded and you have the option to record every item that the
customer buys. Analyzing your customer’s frequency and what
they buy provides you with critical information on managing your
store. LOC Store Management Suite generates customer reports
that illustrate your shoppers’ buying habits.
• Automatic shopper level upgrade based on purchase triggers
• Point balance, transaction total, cumulative purchases)
• Automatic shopper level upgrade based on a schedule (specific hour
and day of the week)
• Account number entry at anytime with hot benefit recalculation
• Many discounts available by shopper level
• Point calculation per item or amount
• Point redemption per item or total order
• Redemption of points for discount and/or points for free
• Point adjustment
• Customers added directly at the point of sale
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Our powerful electronic coupon feature lets
you create all kinds of promotions based on
multiple criteria.
Using the powerful LOC Store Management Suite item file
database to create electronic coupons, you get all the flexibility
you need for your promotions. Your coupons could be valid only
for a particular promotion, a TPR or even on your regular price. All
those criteria are date stamped and can be triggered automatically
by date or customer. Our feature supports unlimited criteria
because we know how retailers design their promotions. Based on
item sale, department, sub-department, total purchase, we believe
that we are providing retailers with all the flexibility they need. If
you are giving points and even maintaining multiple frequent
shopper levels (Regular, Gold, Platinum), the promotion will be
targeted on the group of customers you want.
• Buy 5 pounds (or kilograms) of ground beef & for a total of
$50.00 in the meat sub-department in the transaction, get
$5.00 off
• Buy 1 pack of gum (any flavor) & for a total of $10.00 in the
transaction, get $0.50 off on every pack of gum bought (the
packs of gum are excluded from the required $10.00)
• Buy a fresh turkey & 2 bags of cranberries; get $0.10 less a
pound (or kilogram) on the smallest turkey
• Buy 10 bags of Oreo cookies; get 3 bags of Oreo cookies
for free
• Buy a bottle of Coke and a candy bar for $2.00
• Buy 3 cans of cream style corn, get $1.00 off – limit of 2
coupons per day
Coupons triggered by many programmable
criteria based on:
• Accumulated points
• Item purchased
• Sub-department sales
• Department purchases (ex: bought for $20 in bakery)
• Promotional purchases (ex: all chips flavors)
• Transaction total
• Customer level
Triggers based on cumulative purchases
(One transaction, one day, one week, one month, forever)
Triggers based on a minimum quantity,
amount, or weight
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