Quick SMS – Details

Get your business running with DCR’s Quick App for LOC Software Store Management Suite.

DCR’s Quick App is designed to give you the essential tools today’s retailer needs. From the point of sale all the way to the back office, DCR’s Quick app for LOC SMS has got you covered in one easy to use software application.

  • Quickly enter new receiving information
  • Updates your inventory automatically
  • Keep track of all open or closed receiving orders.
  • Suspend and reopen receiving documents at a later time
  • Lines tab makes it quick and easy to review receiving information
  • Generate detailed receiving reports such as all receiving documents by period, vendor invoices and final billing documents
Inventory Control
  • Quickly manage your inventory using Quick SMS extended module.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Track inventory by physical count or using Scan Genius and make and track adjustments using the adjustment option
  • Easily connects to a hand-held scanner for even quicker inventory tasks.
  • Items can be counted by sub-department, UPC, batches, categories, etc.
  • Suspend and reopen inventory counts or adjustments.
  • Lines tab makes reviewing your counts and adjustments easy.
  • Detailed reports reflect the items received as well as the items sold and physically
  • Quickly and easily run detailed reports on buying and selling information.
  • Access reports from any tab
  • Powerful reports under the manage tab to know the details of vital information such as store multi-totals, balance sheets, hourly multi-totals, department totals and items statistics
  • Print detailed reports on receiving, inventory, sales, store totals, operators, customers and more
  • Help increase your margins by adding our optional Report Profit Module (RPM).
  • Database security – The LOC Store Management Suite software uses SQL to manage the database access. Any database request or transaction requires that the user enter the
  • Application security – All applications within the LOC Store Management Suite software are protected by the LOC Store Management Suite security system. Configurable security levels are assigned to users as “profiles”. This means that options can be assigned user access levels, providing a secure information manager. Users who do not have access to the security level assigned to an option will not be allowed to open that option.
  • Beyond the normal user level security, the LOC Store Management Suite software uses “links” to applications and functions. Because applications can be configured to “hide” the Windows style pull-down menus, it is also possible to design or edit the user interface pages to display only the options the users can access.
  • Easily integrates and interfaces with our high-res i3-DVR surveillance systems
  • Add more lanes, back office workstations or front of house workstations with ease
  • Quick SMS easily accepts additional hardware or peripherals
  • When the time comes, easily upgrade Quick SMS for even more features and functions.
  • Add some of DCR’s powerful custom apps for a system tailor fit to your business needs
Speed and Control
  • Easy to use point of sale interface makes transactions quicker to improve customer service
  • Intuitive back office tabs and buttons to help you navigate the software
  • Fast communication between database, lanes and backoffice
  • Greater control over your sales and processes with logs and reporting.

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