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DCR is excited to introduce a new profit control bundle for the grocery industry, SMS with Quick App.

The SMS Quick App bundle is designed specifically to meet the needs of small to medium sized grocers with the latest in point of sale hardware and software. Built to scale to your exact business size and needs, the Quick App package begins with LOC Store Management Suite software fine-tuned to suit small to medium size retailers. Then we added the power and durability of the NCR 25 all in one touch terminal and your choice of an Epson or NCR thermal printer.

Key Features:
Return on Investment
Eliminate manual errors, reduce down-time, improve inventory accuracy, generate useful reports and automating manual processes using LOC Software SMS.
Inventory Control
Our inventory management tools provide perpetual or periodic inventory options to keep your inventory counts accurate and easy. Save time and money by reducing the risk of overstocking, shortages and shrink by using this powerful inventory management module.
Our Quick app package generates key reports on the most important aspects of your business. These reports allow you to quickly and easily manage your performance.
Who wouldn’t want to keep their business secure? Quick app for LOC SMS provides anti-virus software, cashier monitoring, entry and exit journals, activity journals, the ability to set access levels based on user and easily integrates with our IP surveillance systems!
LOC SMS can be scaled to grow with your business. Combine the features and apps you need to create the perfect solution!
Speed and Control
LOC SMS processes transactions quickly and efficiently and the Quick app makes it even quicker and easier to use!

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Remote System Service Suite

Looking for more options? Quick SMS is specifically designed so you can combine other elements such as products and services like online training, proactive system monitoring, upgraded SMS software or our report profit module (RPM) to create a solution that fits your business’s size and needs.

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