Loyalty Lane – Grocery Loyalty Program for LOC SMS

Get on the clear path to more profit in your grocery or supermarket with Loyalty Lane for LOC Software SMS

Loyalty Lane is a customer rewards program management company that focuses on increasing the bottom-line of its clients by driving customers back into their stores. Our loyalty programs are proven to increase customer frequency, average backet size and in the end increase profits.

Earn more profit with loyalty lane

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Imagine if you could gain insight into your customers, increase basket size and profits while building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Picture your customers spending more while feeling rewarded and excited about doing so. After all, who wouldn’t want their customers to spend more?

We have all had a shopping experience that was so good we had to tell our family and friends. Think back to a time when you recommended a place because of the great experience, personalized service and savings you received. Give your customers that same feeling and keep them and their friends coming back with your very own loyalty program. [/accordion][accordion title=”Stay ahead of the competition”]Why let the Krogers of the world reap all the benefits of customer loyalty programs. Keep up with the competition with DCR and Loyalty Lane. Loyalty lane allows you to give point rewards to your customers for doing what they came to do already, shop. They can then redeem these points for discounts or free products. It is common to find that people will actually spend more per trip simply to earn more points. But, Loyalty Lane doesn’t stop there, it gives you valuable insight into your customers behavior and spending habits.[/accordion][accordion title=”Gain valuable insight into your customer’s behavior” last=”last”]Imagine if you could precisely track your top customers and make sure they keep shopping with you. Loyalty Lane provides retailers with detailed analytics and reports showing you your customers total dollars spent, last visit and more. One grocer used this to get his top customer back in the store.

Mrs. Wilson had spent a lot of money in his store over her lifetime, over $26,000 in the past 2 years to be exact. After running a lost customer report in Loyalty Lane, he realized that she hadn’t been back in over 2 months! Using the marketing tools built in to Loyalty Lane, in a few short clicks he sent her an email offering her free points if she returned in the next 30 days.

Lo and behold, 1 week later Mrs. Wilson returned to redeem her points. While she was there, he inquired about her absence. She said she had not planned on coming back because a shopping cart hit her car in the parking lot a couple months ago, but returned to redeem her points. The store owner decided to go above and beyond by offering to pay for the repairs to her car. After all, she was one of his top customers and with the reporting features in Loyalty Lane, he knew exactly how valuable she is. Without loyalty lane, he might have lost one of his best customers, not to mention a lot of profit. Mrs Wilson wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else now due to the service and appreciation she received. [/accordion][/accordions] Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well the benefits of Loyalty Lane don’t end there. Just take a look at the easy to use and powerful features on the “Features” tab and you will see that Loyalty Lane is just the thing for your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Loyalty POS Features

These powerful yet easy to use features can help keep your business ahead of the competition and customers coming back time and time again.

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  • Instant and convenient rewards and points
  • Rewards management
  • POS integration
  • Email marketing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Ability to give free items for points.
  • Ability to be used with store electronic coupons for a discount on an order if a certain amount is spent for points.
  • Ability to give discount for points.
  • Ability to change shopper levels based on how many points a customer has and give special discounts to them.
  • Online portal access with extensive reporting ability. What customers buy, how much they spend etc.
  • Ability to change locally in SMS how much people are given points based on how much is spent.
  • Exclude departments, sub-departments, and even items within a sub-department.
  • Create redemption batches with date range on what items will get what in points.
  • The customer display and operator terminal shows the discounts available if an item is rung up and what points are earned for each item bought.
  • Store and operator reports will show what was redeemed and earned that day.
  • If the loyalty lane is setup to do so one customers card can be used at any store that accepts it within that chain.
  • If a valid card is scanned it will prompt the cashier telling them how many points the customer has and what items are available to be redeemed. The cashier can then ask the customer if they want to redeem any points if any and which ones exactly

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Easy-to-Read Reports

Loyalty Lane’s reports provide the data you need to conduct targeted marketing efforts. By generating and analyzing data, we are able to help you design and implement targeted marketing efforts to drive customers back to your store. Take a look at just a few of our most popluar reporting options:

Top Customer Report

Look at your top customers and see where and on what they are spending their weekly grocery budget. See gross sales, total discounts, net sales, points used and even their email to generate a specific message or promotion to the customer.

Lost Customer Report

See when the last time your customers made a purchase and how much they have spent over their lifetime in your store. Use the marketing tools in Loyalty Lane to reach out to these customers with a special promotion or free points to get them shopping in your store again.

Customer by department

See who your top spenders are in each department and use this information to drive them to spend more in other departments using Loyalty Lane’s marketing tools.  

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Powerful Marketing Tools

Loyalty Lane provides email marketing, print ready promo materials, custom rewards website and personalized group rewards for your best shoppers. Experts are available to support you throughout your marketing endeavors to build customer loyalty, satisfaction and your profits.

Email Marketing

Provide your customers with emails on their birthday, sign-up, advertise point specials, promotions for lost customers and more in a few easy steps.

Print Ready Promotional Materials

The Loyalty Lane provides a team of graphic design specialists to work with you to design print ready, in-store POP materials and targeted points special flyers.

Custom Rewards Website

Allow your customers to enroll, check point balances, preview point specials and more on your very own rewards website.


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