How to Add a Screen Category

How to Add a Screen Category
Screen Category

A group of menu items that appear together on the main ordering screen.


A deli offers soft drinks, sandwiches, coffee and pastries. The manager sets up four screen categories, one for each type of menu item. A customer orders a turkey sandwich. The cashier selects “sandwich” screen category and chooses turkey from the menu.

If a new menu needs to be created, please start with a new database. Please refer to the document

‘How to Add a Menu Item’ for more information how to add items within the screen category.

For this exercise, assume a menu already exists and a new category on the menu needs to be created.

Log in to the terminal using a four-digit PIN.

1. From the order entry screen, touch ‘Manager’ at the top right of the screen. The manager

screen appears.

2. In the left of the screen, touch ‘Screen Category.’ The screen category screen appears.

3. Touch ‘New.’

4. Use the on-screen keyboard icon (lower left) and name the Screen Category (example: Appetizers).

Touch ‘Ok.’

A new screen category has been created.

Check to see if the new screen category has been added. Touch ‘Back’ to get to the manager

screen, then ‘Back’ again to get to the order entry screen.

A screen category called ‘Appetizers’ should appear.


Once a screen category has

been created, menu items can

be added to this section of the

menu. Please refer to the How

to Add a Menu Item guide for



1. Go to the order entry screen.

2. Look for the screen category. In this

example, the screen category ‘Appetizers’

was created.

3. Touch Appetizers.

Since this exercise is part of the menu

setup, please refer to How to Add a

Menu Item in order to create specific

items for the Appetizer screen category.

Upon completion of the menu item

step, go back to the order entry screen,

touch ‘Appetizers’ and select a menu


A new ticket should open with the

menu item and price.

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