How to Add a Menu Item

How to Add a Menu Item
Menu Item
Menu items are items
available for purchase that
correspond to items on an
establishment’s menu.

To create a new menu, please start with a new database. Please refer to the How to
Create a Database or ask your Dinerware authorized dealer for more information on how to create a database.

For this tutorial, assume a menu already exists and a new item on the menu needs to be created.

Log in to the terminal using a four-digit PIN.
1. From the Order Entry screen, touch ‘Manager’ at the top right of the screen. The manager
screen appears.
2. Touch ‘Menu’. The menu edit screen appears.
3. Touch ‘Menu Item’ then touch ‘New.’
Use the on-screen keyboard (icon lower left) and name the menu item (example: Wings). Touch
4. Touch ‘Revenue Class.’ ‘Food’ is highlighted by default. If not, touch ‘Food.’
5. Select the check box next to ‘Price.’ Use the on-screen keyboard and type in a price. Touch
6. Touch ‘Printer.’ For this exercise, choose ‘Kitchen.’ Touch ‘Ok’ to accept this printer.
7. Touch ‘Save as New’ at the bottom of the screen.
A new menu item has been added.
Check to see if the new menu item has been added. Touch ‘Back’ to get to the manager screen,
then ‘Back’ again to get to the order entry screen.
The newly created menu item called ‘Wings’ should appear.

if an entirely new category
needs to be added to the
menu, please refer FIRST to
the document How to Add a
Screen Category
1. Go to the Order Entry Screen.
2. Look for the menu item. In this
example, a menu items called ‘Wings’
was created.
3. Touch the menu item ‘Wings.’
4. A new ticket will appear with an
order called ‘Wings’ and a price.
5. Confirm the price is correct.

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